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Been a while...

2010-09-15 13:51:52 by Verichens

Agh it's been forever since I've even been to these pages. I definitely hope to have something up by oh January? That may be a bit ambitious but dammit I need to finish Rage Complex: Conclusion. It's started, I swear it is. Just really gotta work on finishing it.


2008-01-21 17:48:09 by Verichens

No news is good news. Old cliché, but whatever.

Yay! Thanks to everyone who voted and helped me get a new higher score on this one than my previous animations!

RAGE Complex Enters the Portal

2007-09-05 21:40:04 by Verichens

It is posted, hope it does ok.

Okay, so not sure who actually might be reading this, but I figure I'll make an announcement anyway. Part 3 of my series is almost finished. I was just going to make it the conclusion, but I decided I wanted more time to work on the end and I finally found a spot where I think I can end a segment. So uh, I guess this means I'm telling you to go watch parts 1 and 2 now so you're ready for the third one.